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Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Lawyers in Palma Ceia, FL

Palma Ceia is a beautiful suburb of Tampa that provides its residents with a safe and picturesque environment to live in. Nestled in Hillsborough County, Palma Ceia is abundant with tradition and culture. Whether you seek Palma Ceia’s beautiful recreation or agricultural lands, it’s undeniable tranquility makes it a growing real estate destination. If you’re considering a real estate investment or need a Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorney who will protect your rights through contracts or litigation, then look no further.

Experienced Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorneys

A Division of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A.

When it comes to real estate issues— asset protection, lending and borrowing, title insurance and closings, contracts, leases, eviction services, mortgage foreclosure, preparation of deeds and mortgages, development services, real estate litigation, real estate ownership decisions, —you need prompt and accurate advice you can count on. We specialize in all of these areas and pride ourselves on our expertise in each area. 

We are respected real estate attorneys with solutions to your problems, with over 50 years of experience providing successful Real Estate Law assistance to clients facing situations similar to yours. We service clients in Palma Ceia, FL, and all of the Bay area. Achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client is our top priority.

Navigating unexpected real estate issues can leave you feeling helpless and lost. But you don’t have to go it alone. You deserve quality legal advice from attorneys you can trust. We strive to provide the exceptional service you deserve. Our attorneys will work to understand the details of your unique case, no matter what your needs or how complex your situation is. When it comes to your real estate transaction, reliable, affordable, and tailored legal advocacy can make all the difference. 

We want to help ensure that your wants and needs are met with the utmost care. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a skilled and experienced Palma Ceia real estate attorney. Your rights are important! You are entitled to representation by a Palma Ceia real estate attorney who understands that and will work aggressively on your behalf to protect those rights.

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Howard P. Ross B.C.S.
Howard P. Ross B.C.S.
Lindsey Lamb
Lindsey Lamb
Andrew R. Pardun LL.M.
Andrew R. Pardun LL.M.
Kenneth Thorton "Kip"
Kenneth Thorton “Kip”

Practice Areas

Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorneys That Specialize in the Following Areas of Real Estate Law

Asset Protection for Real Estate

Commercial Lending and Borrowing

Commercial Real Estate Closings & Title Insurance

Commercial Real Estate Contracts

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Complex Real Estate Issues

Condominium and Homeowner’s Associations

Eviction Services

Mortgage Foreclosure Law

Preparation of Deeds, Mortgage & Other Documents

Real Estate Development Services

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Ownership Decisions

Residential Real Estate Closings & Title Insurance

Residential Real Estate Contracts

Residential Real Estate Leases

Know Your Rights Before Taking Action

Real estate law does not have to be complicated or intimidating with proper legal representation on your side. We understand the laws and regulations governing all residential or commercial real estate activities. As an extension of Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid P.A., our Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorneys are committed to helping individuals and businesses dealing with all types of real estate transactions.

With an impressive track record, experienced Palma Ceia real estate attorneys can ensure that your real estate transaction adheres to Florida law. Our team strives to protect our client’s best interests, and we protect buyers and sellers from making costly mistakes.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Our Palma Ceia real estate attorneys have substantial knowledge about property rights, commercial and residential real estate finance, and business regulations. Our specific areas of expertise include:

Whether you are buying or selling a home, we can help you quickly and efficiently handle all transactions. Whatever your legal need, you can count on our real estate caliber to provide you with the personalized, quality, and affordable services you deserve.

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Why Hire a Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorney?

Real estate agents can handle your purchase agreement, but they are not qualified to offer legal advice for complex real estate matters. Real estate law covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: foreclosures, easement disputes, property taxes, neighbor relations, property deeds, real estate warranties, and different types of mortgages, as well as insurance. Other professionals in our network that could be involved in your real estate transactions could include appraisers, inspectors, insurers, lenders, movers, surveyors, or auditors. Our attorneys are prepared to evaluate your specific case and deal with all parties involved to help you avoid legal issues. We will also help you avoid delays and unnecessary extra costs. An excellent real estate attorney is crucial to have in your corner to help protect your rights and avoid exorbitant mistakes.

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Experienced Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorneys

A Division of Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A.

Howard Ross, Andrew Pardun, Robert Kapusta, Kenneth Thornton and Lindsey Lamb are real estate attorneys at Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. As Tampa Bay’s leading law firm, Battaglia Ross Dicus & McQuaid P.A has been serving the needs of clients since 1958. We have been providing personalized, punctual, and accessible representation to individuals and businesses in Palma Ceia and across Florida for over 60 years.

Battaglia, Ross, Dicus & McQuaid, P.A. is ranked by US News and World Reports as a Tier 1 Law Firm and is considered one of West Florida’s oldest and most respected law firms. We do more than just practice law – we dedicate ourselves to service and excellence. It’s evident through our consistent ranking as a top law firm in the area and being named by our clients as the best law firm in Tampa Bay.

“We’re large enough to handle complex, high stake matters and small enough to provide personalized representation.”

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Hire a Real Estate Law Attorney in Palma Ceia, Florida

If you need a Palma Ceia Real Estate Attorney, rest assured you are in good hands with us. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation service, so call us today.

We have multiple offices located throughout Southwest Florida and can proudly say we’re one of Florida’s most depended upon and trusted real estate law firms. Our Attorneys serve Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County, Pasco County, Sarasota County, and the surrounding areas.

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